About us

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Since 1923 we enchant our guests with regional meals at a marvelous view. Grandma Christl and host Peter make sure that everybody is comfortable and well catered for. Our beautiful hut lies at the foot of the Gamskarkogel, amid nature in the Gasteinertal.

Fresh air, crystal clear water, life is beautiful at 1502 MSL!

Grandma Christl

Grandma Christl is rarely seen in the restaurant garden, which is understandable since she prepares delicious treats in the kitchen with a lot of love. As any typical grandma, she wants everyone to be full and for the food to taste more than just good. You can also see this in her four-legged friend, the Poserhöhe’s dog Gauni. Besides being a top chef, Christl looks after the vegetable garden, where the fresh lettuce comes from. On quiet days, she lives out her artistic talent and creates wonderful paintings that enchant the guests. Even though Christl no longer holds the helm, she works full of verve in memory of her beloved mother, who bequeathed the alpine hut to her.

Host Peter

Host Peter passionately takes care of his guests. He not only ensures that the guests are taken care of, but also that they are in a good mood. Peter is also skilled in terms of craftsmanship: he built the huts himself and performed miracles. For some time now he has the reins in his own hands and can now pursue his destiny as a host and stand out. He is particularly characterized by his humorous interactions with guests. NO guest leaves the Poserhöhe without a smile. Even after work, when the guests have long returned to the valley, Peter is still active. In order to delight his guests with particularly fresh mushrooms the next day, he often sets off into the forest with Gauni in the evenings.


In 1923 great-great-grandfather Alexander Knöbel built a hut for his beloved daughters amid the wonderful alpine landscape, embedded in the unique world of Gastein’s glaciers. They should be happy up there, that’s what he had always dreamed of. Together with his wife Katharina, he constructed this hut under great exertions. Everything had to be transported up by horses on a narrow path und handcrafted laboriously, but in the end the grind was worth it. The Poserhöhe became a popular destination for travellers, both old and young.

Years went by and generations passed, and grandma Christl also decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and dedicated her life to the Poserhöhe. Together with her sons, she grew into the role of host and expanded the heritage even further. A small hunters‘ hut was bought and the horse stable was expanded. In 1991 a small lift for materials was built, new water pipes were laid and a sewage treatment plant, a new veranda and a bath were added. Additionally, the old outhouse was replaced and a big vegetable garden was planted, which still supplies the Poserhöhe with fresh salad and vegetables all summer long. Over time grandma Christl earned the same popularity as her mother, and after some time her son Peter also became a beloved host. Together they have been working up in the mountains for several years.